Online payment with credit card is possible in case of order with delivery and order with pickup.

To pay online, please select item Online Payment on the Checkout page.

After you have chosen suitable goods, go to the Bag and input you contact data, choose Delivery or Pickup. Fill in delivery address and choose pickup point. Then select Online Payment and click on Confirm the Order. A page for credit card details entry will appear. Please input the data, check it and click on Pay.

To make a payment, you will have to provide your credit card details. Transfer of this data is made in compliance with all necessary security rules. This information is transmitted to the bank in an encrypted form and is stored only on a specialized server of the payment system.


  • The card has expired. Check if your card is valid. You can check your card expiration date on the card face (month and year up to which the card is valid). Contact the issuing bank to clarify details related to the card expiration date.
  • Insufficient funds on your card account. Contact the issuing bank to clarify details related to the state of your card account.
  • Transactions limit per day was exceeded. Daily payment amount is set by the partner bank. The bank rejects the transaction on suspicion of its unfairness.